On September 27th-29th the FESTIVAL partners gathered up at the occasion of the fifth plenary meeting in Nice, France.

This meeting marks the end of the second year of the project and allowed the partners to discuss the FESTIVAL’s achievements and to prepare the road for the project’s last year.


The fifth face-to-face meeting between the FESTIVAL partners took place at a turning point of the project life time. During this second year, important milestones have been reached and the Federation architecture has been achieved.

Partners have reported on the progress made on the technical objectives consisting in enabling the testbed federation and ensuring the interoperability between all components. They have defined the remaining development and integration roadmap for the 3rd year. In this respect, the FESTIVAL platform will be fully operational from November and opened to external experimenters beyond the consortium.

The partners reported also on the latest status of the European and Japanese testbeds and discussed about the importance of engaging the external experimenters in the third year of the project. In order to reach a high number of experimenters, an open a call for Experimenters will be launched from November this year and will last until April 2017. A “Kit for Experimenters” containing all the call information and the description of the four types of resources provided by the FESTIVAL platform (open data, IoT, IT, living labs) will be made available on the project website. Check this if you are looking chiropractor care in san diego.

For the project’s last year implementation,  a setup of a broad community of experimenters on the federation of testbeds and the appending of additional use cases and feedbacks on the experimental facilities will be expected. Read more. To assess the service and application deployments, an assessment framework (evaluation of technical results and quality of experimentation) has been prepared and will allow partners to collect the experimenters’ feedbacks through the platform during the third year.


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