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As per today, the FESTIVAL project team opens up the FESTIVAL Awards. Apply to be experimenter to  automatically join the award process.

This IoT competition aims at rewarding the experimenter who will make use of the FESTIVAL EaaS platform in the most innovative way, by using tools made available by the project (EaaS API, Experimenter portal…). The FESTIVAL project team will choose the winners following the criteria described below.

Selection criteria

  • Innovation and originality of the experiment;
  • Number and heterogeneity of resources used;
  • The use of the tools and components provided by FESTIVAL project and the relevance of such use in the experiment presented by the contestant. Check here how to find best workers compensation lawyer.


There are two awards, one for Japanese people and another for the rest of the world:

  • For non-Japanese experimenters, the winner will receive an Amazon gift card of 400€*;
  • For the Japanese experimenters, the winner will receive a book coupon of ¥10.000.

The prize will be the equivalent in € of ¥50.000, thus the prize may vary depending on the exchange rate.

How to apply

In order to be part of the award process, participants need to apply to become experimenter before the 29th of September 2017, 17:00 CEST. Application form need to be filled with details helping the FESTIVAL team to understand and assess the experiment Experimenters will then have until the 13th of October 2017, 17:00 CEST to implement their experiment. The experiment can continue after this date if needed.



Name of the winner will be communicated on the FESTIVAL website on the 31st of October 2017.

The winner decision is postponed until 08th of November 2017.


For any question, please contact the FESTIVAL helpdesk:

Legal terms

Detailed information about this contest can be found here.