We are glad to announce the winner of the FESTIVAL Award held during the last months. After the analysis of the candidates, the FESTIVAL team has decided to award the following experiments:

European side

Experiment: From Reactive to Predictive Flow Instantiation: an Artificial Neural Network Approach to the SD-IoT
Author: Akhilesh Venkatasubramanian (SSN College of Engineering), Sebastiano Milardo(University of Catania), Krithika Vijayan (SSN College of Engineering), Giacomo Morabito (University of Catania).

Japanese side

Experiment: Visualization Service to Show Local Environmental Condition at the Stations
Authors: Hiroya Matsui, SCSK Corporation; Satoshi Tanita, Kyoto Sangyo University; Tomohiro Yoshida, Kobe Institute of Computing.

Congratulations to the winners! We will contact you soon to deliver the prize!