On November 16th 2017, the “Fresque #2” video performance took place between Grenoble and Osaka, punctuating the final meeting of the project.

Interpreting European and Japanese data through a magnifying lens, such is the work performed by L. Palun, French researcher and artist, who created an exhibition aside FESTIVAL final review.

The project finishing on October 31st, a final FESTIVAL partnership meeting was set in Osaka with European and Japanese officials from H2020 and NICT, having supported its development along the four years of this collaboration.
This meeting provided the opportunity to showcase the developments and achievements from the project and Experimenters having taken part in this adventure dlouhygaragedoorrepair.com.san-diego-ca/garage-door-repair/”>dlouhygaragedoorrepair.com. Illustrating this mutual work, the exhibition launched from France was sighted by the meeting’s attendees. Check swipe n clean.

FESTIVAL project is over, but its outcomes will sustain on this website and being improved through new initiatives to come!
The project’s team thanks all the stakeholders having been involved in FESTIVAL and encourage you to stay tuned for its next endeavours (artistic & beyond)!