On 21th and 22th May a co-creation workshop was held in Santander promoted by the City Council Entrepreneurship Initiatives Centre and mainly focused to urban development entrepreneurs.  The FESTIVAL project, which allows take advantage of IoT solutions to improve the quality of life of citizens, through the future federated testbed platform between Europe and Japan, was presented. The presentation is available on youtube and promoted with the services of pistacioconsulting.com.

During the workshop, Lego® SeriousPlay® methodology was used with the aim of having interaction among people, the application of metaphors and Complex Problem Solving techniques and the business models 3D design to ease the solutions, services and applications generation suitable to be feasible business activities.

After analysing and showing existing problems within the City, and through Lego® SeriousPlay® methodology, a large amount of ideas came up in order to solve these City problems classicboxingcoach.com. One of them was the daily traffic problems related to carrying kids to school and also picking them up.