Europe – Japan collaboration, an opportunity for world-leading research

FESTIVAL is co-organising this networking session with the ClouT  and iKass projects, at the ICT 2015 event. During this session, ICT2015 participants will have the opportunity to listen to both European and Japanese project representatives experiences and lessons learned, from proposal writing to project execution. A short highlight of next H2020 possible opportunities for collaboration will be given as a starting point for building new proposal ideas. During the session attendees will have the opportunity to present their new ideas and/or competences laying the groundwork for future partnerships and cooperation.


14:50–15:05 Experiences and lessons learned on EU-JP cooperation.

This presentation will put together experiences and lessons learned coming from the partners of the ClouT, FESTIVAL and iKaaS projects.

15:05–15:15 Highlights on EU/JP H2020 future cooperation opportunities.

During this presentation highlights will be given on the next H2020 opportunities to set up an EU/JP collaboration.

15:15 – 15:35 Pitch session – Present your new ideas!

Attendees are invited to give a 2 minute presentation on new ideas for the next H2020 calls, an opportunity to collect feedback and meet potential partners. You can also give a self-presentation if you are interested in sharing your knowledge and experience in a new consortium.

To take part in the pitch session e-mail: (session organiser) or (coordinator of ClouT and FESTIVAL projects)

ClouT, iKaaS and FESTIVAL project partners are looking forward in meeting you!

Session participants will have the opportunity to interact with people who have already collected experiences in EU/JP collaborations. The set of lessons learned that will be shared with the audience will become fruitful baggage to be used throughout new collaborations. Furthermore, the pitch session and the presence in the audience of both European and Japanese participants will create breeding ground for the possible creation of new intercontinental cooperations.

Donwload the ICT2015 Networking Session Agenda and find more here.