IoTIoT Resources represent generic smart objects (IoT devices), which can communicate over Internet with the abilities to sense, gather data or perform actions. In Festival, some testbeds provide facilities that use the Internet of Things paradigm to collect data related to physical quantity or measuring relevant phenomena to retrieve specific information. An experimenter can use Festival Platform to perform experimentation in different application domains (e.g.: smart cities, environmental monitoring, energy consumption monitoring, etc.).

Find complete descriptions of the IoT assets available for FESTIVAL Call for Experimenters by clicking on the links below:



Name (used in the IoT Agg) Unit Sensor / Actuator Quantity
temperature Degree Celcius Sensor 2
force Kg/m2 Sensor 3
button (2 switches) N/A Sensor 1
button (4 switches) N/A Sensor 1
water flow N/A Sensor 1
gps WGS84 Sensor 1
presence N/A Sensor 2
camera N/A Sensor 1
slider [0-1000] Sensor 1
imu (inertial measurement unit) Sensor 1
contact window/door Actuator 1
power switch (on/off, power consumption) Wh Actuator 2
philips hue lamps Actuator 3
SMS sender Actuator 1


Name (used in the IoT Agg) Unit Sensor / Actuator Quantity
batteryLevel % sensor (fixed) 2
illuminance lux sensor (fixed) 2
temperature:ambient degreeCelsius sensor (fixed) 3
atmosphericPressure bar sensor (fixed) 2
rainfall millimetrePerHour sensor (fixed) 4
relativeHumidity % sensor (fixed) 2
solarRadiation wattPerSquareMetre sensor (fixed) 2
windSpeed meter/sec sensor (fixed) 2
window sensor (fixed) 2
curtain sensor (fixed) 2
aircontemp degreeCelsius sensor (fixed) 4


Name (used in the IoT Agg) Unit Sensor / Actuator Quantity
cpuworkload % sensor (fixed) 560
cputemperature dergeeCelcius sensor (fixed) 560
temperature:ambient degreeCelsius sensor (fixed) 280
atmosphericPressure bar sensor (fixed) 4
airflow meterPerSecond sensor (fixed) 4
relativeHumidity % sensor (fixed) 4
backplanetemp degreeCelcius sensor (fixed) 200
fanRotation roundperminute sensor (fixed) 4
serverpower watt sensor (fixed) 280
AtomosphericTemperature degreeCelcius sensor (fixed) 2


Name (used in the IoT Agg) Unit Sensor / Actuator Quantity
batteryLevel % sensor (fixed) 468
illuminance lux sensor (fixed) 352
temperature:ambient degreeCelsius sensor (fixed) 520
atmosphericPressure bar sensor (fixed) 4
rainfall millimetrePerHour sensor (fixed) 4
relativeHumidity % sensor (fixed) 124
solarRadiation wattPerSquareMetre sensor (fixed) 4
windSpeed kilometrePerHour sensor (fixed) 4
soundPressureLevel:ambient decibelA sensor (fixed) 52
presenceState:parking index sensor (fixed) 98
chemicalAgentAtmosphericConcentration:CO milligramPerCubicMetre sensor (mobile) 98
chemicalAgentAtmosphericConcentration:NO2 microgramPerCubicMetre sensor (mobile) 98
chemicalAgentAtmosphericConcentration:O3 microgramPerCubicMetre sensor (mobile) 98
chemicalAgentAtmosphericConcentration:airParticles milligramPerCubicMetre sensor (mobile) 98
direction:azimuth degreeAngle sensor (mobile) 98
mileage:total metre sensor (mobile) 98
position:altitude metre sensor (mobile) 98
speed:instantaneous kilometrePerHour sensor (mobile) 98
location WGS84 sensor (mobile and fixed) all


Name (used in the IoT Agg) Unit Sensor / Actuator Quantity
hyogo001_temperature Celsius degree Sensor 1
hyogo001_humidity % Sensor 1
hyogo001_barometer hPa Sensor 1
hyogo001_pm25 micro-gram / meter^3 Sensor 1
hyogo001_pollen count / hour Sensor 1
kyoto001_temperature Celsius degree Sensor 1
kyoto001_humidity % Sensor 1
kyoto001_barometer hPa Sensor 1
kyoto001_pm25 micro-gram / meter^3 Sensor 1
kyoto001_pollen count / hour Sensor 1
osaka001_temperature Celsius degree Sensor 1
osaka001_humidity % Sensor 1
osaka001_barometer hPa Sensor 1
osaka001_pm25 micro-gram / meter^3 Sensor 1


All these resources are accessible through sensiNact Gateway. more info on sensiNact is available here.