Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives – Laboratoire d’électronique et des technologies de l’information

Project Coordinator

Description :

CEA-LETI is one of the laboratories of the Technological Research Division of CEA. Nearly 1,700 persons are serving innovation and the transfer of technology in key domains such as ICT, wireless communications, security, creativity and usage of new technologies. More than 85% of its activity is dedicated to research finalised with external partners. The laboratory secures more than 170 patents every year and has already sparked the creation of nearly thirty high-technology start-ups. CEA-LETI is today one of the main contributors to EC FP7 projects in the area of Internet of Things and Smart ICT service such as SENSEI (coordinator), IOT-A, IOT-I, SMART-SANTANDER, BUTLER (technical coordinator), EXALTED, OUTSMART, and the EU-Japan project ClouT (coordinator).

Role in the project :

Overall coordination of the project exploiting its experience in similar projects
Exploitable assets to the project in terms of software (horizontal IoT platform), hardware (smart camera) and a physical experimentation platform (from home, health and transport domains)