Festival provides REST APIs aiming to establish Experimentation as a Service (EaaS) model; these APIs, named EaaS APIs, represent different sets of request that an external application can send to Festival Platform. To enable experimenters to use these APIs in an intuitive and user friendly way, FESTIVAL stored these API on the Experimentation Portal.
The main functionalities provided by APIs are:

  • Experimenter Management: it is possible to create a new account for an experimenter, to modify its related information and to delete it from the platform.
  • Experiment Management: an experimenter can create, update or delete one or more experiments; the experimenter can control the status of his/her experiments, checking which are running or stopped and the status of resources involved in their execution. Each experimenter has the full control of his/her experiment, by starting or stopping its execution and adding or removing resources involved in experimentation.
  • Searching functionalities: EaaS APIs provide two ways to discover available resources; an experimenter can perform a browsing of resources or an advanced search. In the first case, considering that Festival Platform manages four type of resources, an experimenter can perform his/her search by starting from the resource type list to obtain the testbed for the selected type, requesting the resources provided by one of them and finally analysing the list of obtained resources. In the second case, an experimenter can perform an advanced search submitting a set of options; for instance, he/she can search required resources using a keyword, a regular expression, a geographic area, etc… Moreover, for any type of search the experimenters can request to order results by ID or title following ascending or descending order and to manage the pagination options.
  • IoT Data Request: EaaS APIs provides functionalities to retrieve data from resources; it is possible to obtain the last data available for each resource or to retrieve historical data. Moreover, it is possible to manage subscriptions on specific resources in order to obtain data automatically. These functionalities are strongly focused on IoT domain.
  • Measurement Management: Festival platform provides to experimenters a tool to collect measurements during the execution of their experiment. By EaaS APIs it is possible to retrieve collected measurements and to download them in CSV or JSON format.

All APIs are available here and on the Experimenter Portal.

For the complete list of API more information on the overall architecture, consult project’s deliverable D1.4 Requirements validated and final architecture.