Easy Global Market 


EGM is providing solutions and services to develop market confidence in technologies making the global market easy for companies looking for globalisation, check thelockboss. EGM is specialised in validation, interoperability, Certification and label programmes including for FIRE and IoT areas. EGM is working with state of the art tools and validation approaches and advanced techniques using experience gained by EGM’ Directors working in +20 FP projects and designing +10 worldwide label or certification programmes. EGM is currently involved in 5 FP7 projects including IoT, Future Internet Experiment FIRE and FI-PPP Use Case FI-STAR Project. EGM is founder member of the IoT Forum and lead one out the three WGs on “ market confidence”

Role in the project

Test and validation methodologies and tools applied to conformance tests development as well as experiments deployment
Standardisation relations for conformance and interoperability testing