Ayuntamiento de Santander


The city of Santander is the capital of the Cantabria region in the north of Spain and has a current population of approximately 183,000 inhabitants. From the Department of New Technologies belonging to the City Council, consisting of 15 technical staff and 9 foreign technicians, mainly manages and coordinates are the following tasks:

  • Infrastructure management in data processing and communications, so that all municipal services carry out their functions by using new technologies.
  • Deployment and management of networks and communications: voice lines and data transmission, perimeter security, Internet access and e-mail, servers, microcomputers and corporate databases.

Santander City Council has been characterized by his eagerness to provide a more efficient city management and closer to the citizen through the use of new technologies. In this sense, the City Council has been very proactive in trying to become Santander as a smart city through the participation on different FP7 projects as well as others at national/municipal level. The experience gathered in these projects in order to offer services to improve quality of life of citizens, will place as a key part for developing smart ICT applications and for fostering end-user involvement under FESTIVAL project framework.

Role in the project 

Santander Municipality will collaborate with UC in the development of contextaware shopping service, taking advantage of the deployment already carried out in the city and the experience on use cases development; also addressing the citizens’ involvement.