Open DataOpen Data represents a dataset or a group of datasets obtained by a search on the testbed classified as Open Data Management System (ODMS). Open Data provided to experimenters are standard dataset (e.g.: CSV, XML, JSON, PDF files) and Linked Open Data on which it is possible to perform queries based on SPARQL. Santander Datos Abiertos, Metropole of Lyon’s Open Data, FIWARE Lab Data Portal and FESTIVAL Japanese Open Data Portal are the ODMSs providing Open Data that can be included as data source in specific tasks of an experiment.

Find complete descriptions of the open database available for FESTIVAL Call for Experimenters by clicking on the links below:

Open Data source Database available (click for accessing data) Database description Type of data available
Metropole of Lyon’s Open Data Lyon CKAN Node The Lyon Urban DATA platform is available via a website of the Open DATA datasets accessible according to two different access mode: access without constraint, access requiring a particular license. There are currently 845 datasets on this platform Real-time traffic; highway events; traffic history; availability in real time at Vélo’V stations, etc.
Santander Open Data (Santander Datos Abiertos) Santander CKAN Node This platform provides official and public data, in exploitable formats (JSON, CSV, HTML, RDF, RSS,…), to be used mainly to develop new services or giving added value to the existing ones. This not only has an important economic potential, but also, gives advantage to transparence, participation and citizen collaboration, which are necessary in order to get a real open government. It also includes a demonstrator where different kinds of graphs using opendata information are shown, which may inspirate future developers. Additionally, Santander experience with this project confirms that Open data is actually an ICT booster. In this sense, ten apps have been developed using opendata information provided by the Municipality. There are currently 88 datasets on this platform. This platform contains different types of data, such as: •Transportation: urban public transports as buses (stops, timetables, lines,…), taxis (taxi-stops), bicycle (cycle-lane), parking and traffic information; •Urban planning & infrastructures: including street-map, parks and gardens location, municipality buildings location,… •Environment: temperature, light, irrigation,… •Science & Technology: traffic & parking,… •Tourism: hotel & restaurant services, points of interest,… •Culture and leisure: labour calendar, cultural programming,…. •Shops: location, timetable, offers, etc.
Fiware Lab Data Portal Fiware CKAN Node This CKAN node provides Open Data coming from 23 different European cities and regions, such as Brussels, Florence, Malaga, Trentino, Sevilla, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, etc. There are currently 2965 datasets on this platform. This CKAN node provides a large variety of Open Data, such as economic dqata about enterprises, census, cartography, hydrographic data about rivers and lakes, energy consumption of buildings, employed workers, environment, natural reserves, etc.
Japanese Open Data portal Festival CKAN Node This is CKAN node for FESTIVAL in JOSE testbed that provides Open Data from JP sensors, such as wifi sensors at a office, environmental sensors at train stations and operational data. There are currently 14 datasets on this platform. Enviromment: temperature, humidity, pm2.5,… WiFi person counter: Number of people entering or leaving to/from the room. Software defined datacenter: total workload, CPU occupancy ratio, ambient temperature, etc.