ITInfrastructure Testbeds (IT) Resources represent virtualized computational resources, such as virtual machines, that can be accessed by experimenters in order to perform specific tasks of an experiment needing particular software components and applications. In Festival, IT testbeds provide predefined templates with specific settings in terms of numbers of virtual CPU, RAM, storage space and operative system; an experimenter can use these resources by installing any software useful to perform his/her experiments. Moreover, Festival Platform provides a software repository containing utilities for experiment and experimenters can use an automatic deployment system provided by the platform to install these applications. In addition, FESTIVAL Platform provides functionalities based on OML framework to collect measurements performed during experimentations through software running on VMs provided by IT testbeds. Find complete descriptions of the IT assets available for FESTIVAL Call for Experimenters below:

IT info Cores available RAM available HDD available Number of IP available
JOSE 96 378 GB 31 TB 32
FIWARE Lab 104 320 GB 16 TB 32 (not yet available)
Spec of typical VM 1 2 GB 20 GB Aprox maximum number of allocation of typical VM : 84