The answers provided in the FAQs are not an agreement and have no legal value. You should carefully review all terms and information of the “Call objective” and “User manual” before submitting your proposal. Our goal is to keep this information timely and accurate. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. However, the FESTIVAL Partners disclaim any and all liability that may ensue from relying on the FAQs.

How can I create a new account?

[bg_faq_start] On the “Call for Experimenters” webpage, click on the Experimentation Portal in the right frame & provide your basic details. You are then granted 2 keys (public & private), that you have to download and store safely. Once it is done, you can access the “limited” version of the platform (see the 3 steps description for further info on the levels of accessibility of the portal). For further information on the portal, please consult the User Manual[bg_faq_end]

Which kind of resources can I access through Experimentation Portal?

[bg_faq_start] All the resources made available through the portal are documented on the four “Resources available” pages of the website. Should you need more information on these as well as the gateways and platform, please consult the “Experimentation” section of the website. All these info, data, APIs, etc. can be found on the portal.[bg_faq_end]

Am I allowed to participate in more than one proposal?

Yes, you can do one or more experiments through the platform (given that the resources you require are available).

What are the legal implications of collecting and processing personal data through my experimentation?

Unless otherwise required by law, you will be acting as data controller in respect of the personal data collected and processed for your contribution. This means that you will be liable for compliance with the applicable data protection laws. e.g. For obtaining any required written approval from the authorities concerned, consent from individuals who have their personal data collected or processed, and for having erased or anonymized personal data as soon as it is no longer necessary for your contribution. Please consult “Privacy impact assessment” and the different factsheets associated to this topic for further info.

What technical support/maintenance services will be available to me during my participation?

Should you meet any issue, please consult first FESTIVAL documentation available online. If there is no answer, FESTIVAL partners set a Helpdesk designed to provide you with support.

How can I send a support request?

Because of the structure of FESTIVAL Platform, support requests can be related to different parts of the platform, and in some cases can be related to entities that are external to FESTIVAL platform, such as drivers, aggregators, testbeds and resources. For this reason, FESTIVAL Helpdesk has two sections:

  • Platform Helpdesk: this section is responsible to provide support to solve problems strictly related to FESTIVAL Platform and to functionalities for experimenters.
  • Aggregator support: this section is composed by four distinct support teams, one for each aggregator. Each of them is responsible to provide support to solve problems influencing functionalities offered to experimenters that are related to the specific Driver and the relative Aggregator.

In any case, FESTIVAL Helpdesk is responsible for managing all incoming support requests; FESTIVAL Helpdesk represents the entry point for all requests and it will forward the ones related to drivers and Aggregators to the pertinent support team.

How long will I have access to the testbeds for my contribution?

The Call for Experimenter starts on February 2017 and will finish in October 2017. The testbeds are available during this time span.

Who is allowed to apply?

The call is opened to all individuals. Given the experimentation framework, start-ups, SME, universities and Research Centres are the privileged targets. However, there is no set requirement hindering an individual interested in the topic to take part in the experiment by him or herself.

Where can I find more information about the layers definitions and architecture?

Depending on the level of information you require, sources may vary:

  • On “call for experimenters” pages, in the frame on the right, you can find info on the resources & explore the different testbeds, platforms & APIs related to the experiment
  • More complete info on each testbeds & platforms is available on the “Experimentations” section on the website. You will find detailed descriptions of each elements as well as factsheets providing you with additional info.
  • For thorough explanations on the architecture, interoperability details, etc., check the Deliverables section, each deliverable gathering all technical info of the portal.

What are the key attributes a proposal must have in order to be validated ?

The experiments have to meet a minimum set of requirements:

  • Experimentation feasibility: experiments will be analysed in order to know if they can be performed on top of the platform. In that sense, the experiment description must be accurate enough to consider if the platform is well suited for the experiment goals.
  • Privacy and ethical limitations: experimenters applying for the platform must be respectful with privacy and ethical issues. Therefore, the applicants will need to consider this before the submission.
  • The experiments that applies to the platform will not be allowed to try to harm the FESTIVAL EaaS platform or the federated testbeds in any possible way. Therefore, experiments that have as objective to test or stress the platform will not be accepted, as long as other experiments are running in the platform. Additionally, if other experiments are affected by the resource usage of one specific experiment, either it is intended or not, the platform administrator could stop the experiment so as to guarantee the correct behaviour of the FESTIVAL EaaS platform.
  • Finally, although the platform is not limited to a certain number of domains, the experiments that are aligned with the FESTIVAL main domains (Smart Energy, Smart building, Smart Shopping and Smart Cities) will be also considered as more suitable for the call.

How do I manage privacy and ethical issues?

FESTIVAL provides you with several factsheets on the different aspects to be taken into consideration, notably concerning privacy issues. When registering your experimentation, you will complete a “Privacy Impact Assessment”. (for more info, see: ) The Privacy Impact Assessment is a process designed to evaluate the potential privacy impacts and data security risks of an experiment.

Which language shall I use when developing the project?

Every communication is done in English. Should you use another language, your subscription and requests will not be considered.

Are there any seminars, workshops, etc. to learn more about FESTIVAL?

Consult the news section and get the latest info on webinars, workshops, etc. Communication materials are available on the dedicated section on this website. You will find all the web, print & video contents made available by the partners of the project.

How long does it take to evaluate a proposal?

The duration of the assessment of the proposal for experimentation depends on the number and types of resources involved (meaning that one or more FESTIVAL partners are to be involved in the assessment of your experimentation). This assessment will take no longer than 10 working days in any case.

Is there any funding provided for my experiment?

No, FESTIVAL do not provide any funding for supporting your experiment