Kyoto Sangyo Universitykyoto


Kyoto Sangyo University is one of the private leading universities of Japan. Kyoto Sangyo University has Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering established in the 2008. It was a natural reorganization that combined the Department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Science and the Department of Information Communication Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering. The faculty is comprised of three departments: the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Network Media, and the Department of Intelligent Systems. These departments provide education that covers a wide range of information-related fields of growing importance focused on three particular areas —fundamental areas in information science, rapidly growing areas related to computer networks, and various human interfaces involving information systems.

Role in the project

Support the project with knowledge for network technologies and  network facilities for making project infrastructure. The infrastructure can be used for constructing our testbed platform for experimentation, sharing information. They also contribute to develop networked application as a research partner.