FESTIVAL is a multidisciplinary consortium of partners that excel in the main scientific and technological areas of the project. The FESTIVAL partners complement each other nicely, both in terms of expertise and in terms of their role in the project. In particular, the consortium brings together:

From the European side:

  • Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives – Laboratoire d’électronique et des technologies de l’information has a broad experience in European R&D projects. Strategic partnerships with Japan. Currently coordinating the ClouT project, another EU&JP project. Expertise in IoT platforms.
  • Universidad de Cantabria, High experience in IoT testbeds/facilities for service provision and experimentation including deployment and installation issues, as well as the management of the whole network, the execution of different researching experiments and the provision of several services to the end users and citizens.
  • Engineering is currently the first IT group in Italy, with a high expertise in system and business integration. ENG has been involved as technical partner and coordinator in several European research projects of 6th and 7th framework program in different applicative domains.
  • Easy Global Market, is providing solutions and services to develop market confidence in technologies making the global market easy for companies looking for globalisation. EGM is specialised in validation, interoperability, certification and label programmes. Therefore, it will lead FESTIVAL activities associated with the establishment and operation of the global market confidence on interoperability of FESTIVAL federation.
  • inno TSD brings together both expertise of European projects in the IoT domain, as coordinator of the BUTLER project, and expertise in evaluation methodology of economical and societal impact and scientific result exploitation/innovation support expertise.
  • Ayuntamiento de Santander wants to potentiate the model of Santander as integral smart city, considering innovation as a key to improving the competitiveness of its economy element, through the improvement of public services, guidance to citizens and businesses, and operational efficiency, among others.
  • Sopra is a leader in consulting, IT services and software development in Europe. Sopra is one the founders of the Lyon Urban Data which is a living lab based in Lyon with the City of the Grand Lyon. Place of experimentation, Lyon Urban Data is a platform for innovation and experimentation, involving end-users in the process of design, creation and implementation of new urban services based on open data.

From the Japanese side :

  • Osaka University is a research project coordination and management in Japan industrial laboratory, exploitation of R&D results, and research expertise on Green ICT, machine learning and Big Data technology.
  • Japan Research Institute for Social Systems researches business and fundamental technologies applied civil engineering and information science.
  • KSU/CKP is an open research project among universities and industries aiming to research and develop cutting-edge network technologies from infrastructure to applications. Furthermore, we promote adoption of such technologies to industries.
  • Knowledge Capital Association  expert in experimentation and socialization of research. Like Lyon Open Data, we promote collaborative research in the city. We also promote art and sciences
  • JR West Japan Communications Company is an Advertising agency  mainly developing transportation media.
  • Ritsumeikan University conducts research and development of ubiquitous computing and networking technologies, especially expertised in sensing and context recognition technology.
  • ACUTUS a software development company for R&D projects, especially on P2P based software.