Inno TSD 


Inno group is a leading strategic management consultancy company operating in nearly all-European countries. Inno group has offices in Karlsruhe, Rostock, Berlin, Sophia-Antipolis (inno TSD) and Stockholm. Inno offers a multi-national, highly qualified team of more than 50 consultants. Over the last 20 years, inno has combined highly specialized expertise, creativity and pragmatism to assist more than 500 clients all over Europe. One of the core activities of inno is to provide management, dissemination and exploitation support to scientific leaders of complex inter-institutional and trans-national projects, with particular focus on ICT. This includes support in consortium & knowledge management, IPR issues, dissemination and exploitation of research results, marketing and public relations activities, event organization, and coordination of industrial case studies and animation of working groups and industrial panels. Inno-group runs a patent commercialization office in Germany.
Inno has over 15 years of experience in implementation of EU-wide dissemination campaigns.

Role in the project

Contribute with strong expertise of the IoT ecosystem, methodologies of economical and societal impact assessment. It will also contribute with key expertise of project coordination, outreach and exploitation.