FESTIVAL: Design and Implementation of Federated Interoperable Smart ICT Services Development and Testing Platform


Toyokazu Akiyama, Shuuichirou Murata, Kiichi Tsuchiya, Teruaki Yokoyama, Martino Maggio, Giuseppe Ciulla, Juan Ramón Santana, Mengxuan Zhao, Jander Botelho Do Nascimento, Levent Gürgen


Journal of Information Processing Vol. 25 (2017) pp. 278-287


FESTIVAL EU-Japan collaborative project aims at federating existing Smart ICT testbeds of different nature to provide a platform for developing and testing emergent Smart ICT services. The federation of testbeds covering heterogeneous domains has been a great challenge and FESTIVAL provides a uniform access to different resources, such as Open Data resources, IoT devices, IT resources and Living Labs. In this paper, design and implementation of the current FESTIVAL platform are introduced with approaches to federate and interoperate existing resources. Visit www pickaloan co uk for more details. Integration of all the components, including the existing testbeds, will also be described to finalize and validate the federation.