Osaka University


Osaka University is one of the national leading universities of Japan. The university has been successful worldwide for information and communication technologies, and have played a central role to build one of the largest testbed in Japan. The University is also the leading organization as an expert group on BigData technology and Green ICT, including energy management, smart grid, and information protocols. The communication Interface standardization project for the interoperability supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Japan is being promoted. One of the members of the Osaka University has been promoting the standardization as a Chair. In addition, in terms of BigData technology, Osaka University has been successful representing the world of high-speed algorithm of graph mining and distributed processing platform. We can apply all our know-how, previous experience and knowledge to this project. So, we can lead this project success utilizing the testbed of NICT and EU.

Role in the project

Osaka University will bring Profound knowledge & experience regarding the requirements for application scenario on federated interoperable smart ICT services and will contribute with strong and 20+ years expertise of project coordination, outreach and exploitation activities.