FESTIVAL: Heterogeneous Testbed Federation Across Europe and Japan


Martino Maggio, Giuseppe Ciulla, Roberto Di Bernardo, Nicola Muratore, Juan R. Santana, Toyokazu Akiyama, Levent Gurgen and Morito Matsuoka

Conference / Journal:

Building the Future Internet through FIRE – 2016 FIRE Book: a Research and Experimentation based Approach

Chapter 28 / page 677


FESTIVAL is an H2020 EU-Japan collaborative project that aims to federate heterogeneous testbeds, making them interoperable and building an “Experimentation as a Service” (EaaS) model. Going beyond the traditional nature of experimental facilities, related to computational and networking large scale infrastructures, FESTIVAL testbeds have heterogeneous nature and in order to be federated they have been clustered in four categories: “Open Data” (i.e. open datasets), “IoT” (i.e. sensors and actuators), “IT” (i.e. computational resources) and “Living Labs” (i.e. people). Considering that every testbed category provides specific resources, the main challenge for FESTIVAL is to develop a platform that can allow experimenters to access very different assets in an homogeneous and transparent way, supporting them in the phases of the experiments. The FESTIVAL architecture, based on a multi-level federation approach, proposes a solution to this problem providing also a set of functionalities to manage and monitor the experiments hughesairco.com. FESTIVAL tools, also,include the possibility to access FIWAREGeneric Enablers allowing to deploy predefined components to address specific needs in the experimentation (e.g. data analysis, big data management etc.). The FESTIVAL platform will be tested on three different smart city domains across Japan and Europe: smart energy, smart building and smart shopping.