The Connectivity Technologies Platform (PTL) aims to speed up the development and marketing of innovative products integrating advanced microelectronics technologies in emerging and strategic fields of Health, Housing and Transport, through the provision of technology platforms and associated expertise. The PTL was established at the instigation of five French industrial groups (SCHNEIDER, ST Microelectronics, Cofely Ineo, Groupe Brunet and Bouygues) and three French research institutes (CEA LETI, INRIA, University Joseph Fourier) within the NanoElec Technological Research Institute in April 2012. The value of the PTL is to give access real environments where connectivity technologies can be evaluated under realistic test conditions.


PTL testbed deployment and infrastructure

PTL is composed of two key infrastructures:

  • A modular building of 150m² to help development of smart building, smart energy and smart health applications.
  • An urban area of 1300m² dedicated to smart cities, with monitored car park, urban lights, and electric car chargers

PTL modular building


For more information, please check out the description sheet
For an overall overview of the testbeds available, consult D1.2 Analysis of existing testbeds and SW HW components