The sensiNact Gateway allows interconnection of different networks to achieve access and communication with embedded devices. It is composed of five functional groups and their relative interfaces:

  • The Device Protocol Adapter abstracts the specific connectivity technology of wireless sensor networks. It is composed of the bridges associated to protocol stacks. All the bridges comply with a generic Device Access API used to interact with northbound sensiNact’s services.
  • The Smart Object Access and Control implements the core functionalities of sensiNact like discovering devices and resources and, securing communication among devices and consumers of their services.
  • The Consumer API is protocol agnostic and exposes services of the Smart Object Access and Control functional to Consumers.
  • The Consumer Protocol Adapter consists of a set of protocol bridges, translating the Consumer API interface into specific application protocols.
  • The Gateway Management functional group includes all the components needed to ease management of devices connected to sensiNact, regardless of their underlying technologies. A Device Management API is used for this purpose. This functional group also contains the components managing cache, resource directory and security services. These management features are exposed by means of the Gateway Management API.
  • And finally the Manager Protocol Adapter allows adapting the Gateway Management API to the specific protocols used by different external management entities.

For more information, please check out sensiNact description sheet
For an overall overview of the testbeds available, consult D1.2 Analysis of existing testbeds and SW HW components