FIWARE seeks to provide a truly open, public and royalty-free architecture and a set of open specifications that will allow developers, service providers, enterprises and other organizations to develop products that satisfy their needs while still being open and innovative.
FIWARE provides enhanced OpenStack-based cloud hosting capabilities plus a rich library of components offering a number of added-value functions offered “as a Service”. These components, called Generic Enablers (GEs), provide open standard APIs that make it easier to connect to theInternet of Things, process data and media in real-time at large scale, perform BigData analysis or incorporate advanced features to interaction with the user. Availability of open source Generic Enabler implementations (GEis) will accelerate availability of multiple commercial FIWARE providers, all supporting the same set of APIs. As a result, FIWARE becomes an open alternative to existing proprietary Internet platforms. Therefore you’ll be able to decide who will operate the environment where your application and, even more important, your data will be hosted.
The FIWARE Reference Architecture is organised in the different technical chapters of FIWARE. For each chapter there is a set of FIWARE Generic Enablers (GEs) and for each GE is defined a high-level description of the APIs that it exposes to application developers or it uses to connect to another FIWARE GEs. The FIWARE chapters are the following:

• Cloud Hosting
• Data/Context Management
• Internet of Things (IoT) Services Enablement
• Applications, Services and Data Delivery
• Security
• Interface to Networks and Devices (I2ND) Architecture
• Advanced Web-based User Interface

The Reference Architecture associated to each FIWARE chapter can be instantiated into a concrete architecture by means of selecting and integrating products implementing the corresponding FIWARE GEs (i.e., products which are compliant with the corresponding FIWARE GE Open Specifications). However, the description of the Reference Architecture associated to a chapter does not depend on how FIWARE GEs in that chapter can be implemented. Any implementation of a FIWARE GE will be, by nature, replaceable.

For more information, please check out FIWARE description sheet
For an overall overview of the testbeds available, consult D1.2 Analysis of existing testbeds and SW HW components