Opened on 26, April 2013, the Lab. functions as the core facility in Knowledge Capital. The Lab. is a showcase where general public, such as researchers, creators, artists, students, senior citizens, housewives and children, can experience the latest technologies and have interactions with other exhibitors.


The Lab. constitutes a space that attracts global prototypes and world-leading technologies, and is a hub from which the latest strains of culture emanate. Visitors not only get to see and touch ingenious inventions, but are also given the chance to participate in the creative process as befits the description of this space as a laboratory.

Communicators are the specialist staff who bring visitors to Knowledge Capital together with other people, things, and information. At the Lab., they are the ones who approach visitors, stir-up interaction, and encourage the deepening of new encounters and experiences. They are the essential catalysts that accelerate chemical reactions. Communicators also play the role of gathering the comments and reactions of visiting members of the public, and feeding this information back to companies, researchers, and other event organizers.

For more information please check the deliverable D1.2 Analysis of existing testbeds and SW HW components.