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Deliverable Title  Abstract
D1.1 Experimentation  use cases and requirements This document introduces the list of first set of use cases identified in the project. The uses cases belong to 3 main application domains, namely smart energy, smart building and smart shopping.  The use cases are also grouped into two types, application and experimentation use cases. While the former is about application oriented use cases that illustrate scenarios that will be deployed and tested on the projects testbed, the latter gives the use cases that focus on how external experimenters could perform their experiments on the federated FESTIVAL testbeds. The document also identifies functional and non-functional requirements for each use case. The requirements will allow us building the FESTIVAL architecture, which will be the baseline for the federated testbeds approach of the project.
D1.2 Analysis of existing testbeds and SW HW components The present deliverable describes the testbeds and platforms involved in the FESTIVAL project, collecting all the software and hardware components from each of them. All the information gathered in this deliverable will be used as a reference index for future works in federation and the architecture definition, being a first description of the testbeds that will be federated during the project lifespan. Additionally, this deliverable classifies them considering their different nature and targeted users and experimenters and describes their architecture, deployed devices, protocols, data formats and security considerations.
D1.3 First Architecture This deliverable presents FESTIVAL’s initial reference architecture for federated testbeds. The architecture is modelled in compliance with existing relevant reference architectures and explicit extensions for FESTIVAL specific requirements. The architecture will serve as basis for development works towards the federated testbed (WP2) and the applications and experiments that will be running on top (WP3).
D1.4 Requirements validated and final architecture This deliverable presents the final architecture of the FESTIVAL federated testbeds platform. The architecture has been designed by taking into account the unique requirements of such federated testbed environment involving heterogeneous resources of various types (open data, IoT data, IT resources and living labs. The deliverable provides guidelines to the technical development that will be performed in the WP2 in terms of integration of the heterogeneous testbeds available within the project. The deliverable details the components of the four layers of the architecture, from the resources to the portal layer, interactions among the components, as well as detailed description of API to reserve, monitor and control resources within the federated testbed.
D2.1 Testbed Baseline This document presents the baseline of the FESTIVAL’s federated testbed. Adopting both top-down and bottom-up approaches, FESTIVAL’s testbed baseline is composed of already established testbeds and platforms. The federation of those testbeds will be built on top of this baseline. The deliverable presents those assets and gives initial integration work towards federation, by taking into account the FESTIVAL’s initial architecture. The Deliverable D2.4 Integration of reusable components will provide further information on the integration work.
D2.3 Open data guidelines and federated testbed policy This document, “Deliverable D2.3 Open data guidelines and federated testbed policy”, reports the results of the activities performed in the Task 2.3 “Federated Open Data”. The main objective of the task is to achieve the federation of the different open data platforms, methodologies and models that are present in FESTIVAL testbeds in order to be provided as a common resources for experiments following the EaaS approach. The deliverable is organised in three main chapters: the first one is related to the existing open data models and technologies; complete design and implementation of the Federated Open Data Platform (FODP) is presented in the Chapter 2. The third chapter is dedicated to the analysis of the Open Data access policies with a specific focus to the European and Japanese strategy and legislation in the domain of open data.
D2.4 Integrated Reusable components for EaaS – First release The deliverable “D2.4 Integrated Reusable components for EaaS – First release” consists in the release of concrete components developed and integrated during the first 14 months of the FESTIVAL project. This documents reports the technical details of these components that represent the reference implementation of the FESTIVAL architecture logical modules. The main objective of this document is therefore to show information related to the different technical activities that have been performed in order to achieve the testbeds federation to support the “Experimentation as a Service” model of FESTIVAL platform. The implementation of the FESTIVAL federation, that started with the components presented in this deliverable, will be completed in the next months to support the experimentation phase to be started in second part of 2016.
D2.5 Integrated Reusable components for EaaS – Second release The deliverable “D2.5 Integrated Reusable components for EaaS – Second release” consists in the release of concrete components developed and integrated during the second year of the FESTIVAL project; integration of these components provides the FESTIVAL platform. The main objective of this document is therefore to provide information for end users (experimenters) related to the use of the platforms. In particular this document provides a general overview about the typical workflow to be followed to conduct an experiment (from the creation of a new account to the analysis of collected results) and about the functionalities offered by Experimentation Portal (the module of the platform providing a web interface to its functionalities) and by EaaS APIs (the RESTful APIs enabling third party application to interact with FESTIVAL platform).
D3.1 Baseline report of selected applications and experiments The present deliverable reports on the applications and experiments activities being held within FESTIVAL. The deliverable focuses in the three main domains, Smart Energy, Smart Shopping and Smart Building. Furthermore, the deliverable includes the description of the experiments that are not bounded to a unique domain and are related with federation experimentation. All the applications and experiments described here presents their general descriptions, the current status of the experiments being carried out, and the expected future plans. By last, we also show the first mapping of the experiments and applications in the foreseen FESTIVAL architecture.
D3.2 Description of selected applications and experiments The present deliverable reports on the selected applications and experiments activities being held within FESTIVAL. It focuses on the different physical places where experiments have been, are or will be performed. Each experiment is related to one of the three main domains related to tasks of the work package 3 (i.e. Smart Energy, Smart Shopping and Smart Building). Furthermore, the deliverable includes the description of available data that are provided for Smart City domain applications. As an update of a previously submitted deliverable (D3.1), it describes only selected applications and experiments that will finally be performed in the scope of the FESTIVAL project. All the applications and experiments are described with their general descriptions, their current status, the involvement of the different stakeholders, their integration in the FESTIVAL project and the expected schedule for the 3rd year.
D3.3 Description and report of call for experimenters This report will indicate the content of the call for experimenters, including methods, APIs and interfaces offered to the user for accessing FESTIVAL’s federated testbed. The call for experimenters that will be launched at Month 26 of the project (November 2016) aims to open the federation of testbeds beyond the project consortium and to create a broad community of experimenters. This report presents the objectives of the call for experimenters, as well as the methodology used to prepare before, during and after the call (e.g., selection process, dissemination, support…). The resources available for external experimenters, as part of the so called Kit for Experimenters, are presented at the end of this report.
D4.1 Field Trial End User Involvement and Personal Data Management This deliverable defines guidelines for end user involvement and handling of privacy, data protection and ethics issues in experiments on the federated testbeds. These guidelines will help experimenter from both the consortium and external stakeholders to handle end user involvement accordingly. It includes a review of the context and motivation for end user involvement, a presentation of the general strategy of the project for responsible user engagement, a report on the first year of activity and presentation of the initial results: The project factsheets on responsible user engagement aimed at raising the awareness on the issue; The informed consent, complaint and data withdrawal procedures and a first assessment of the Privacy and Security impacts of the project experiments. The deliverable also looks into the differences of perspective between European and Japanese side
D4.2 Evaluation Framework Deliverable D4.2 of project FESTIVAL describes the “Evaluation framework” of the project. It defines quality Indicators along the dimensions of quality of experience, quality of service for testbeds and the federation, and capability of federation of individual testbed. Tools and methods are proposed for the collection of indicators.
D4.3 Integration report and lesson learnt Deliverable 4.3 describes the evolution of the evaluation framework defined in the deliverable 4.2. A final set of Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) indicators has been defined and implemented in the FESTIVAL’s Experimentation as a Service (EaaS) platform. In order to ensure the federation works as expected, tests are developed for different levels of integration. Finally, the deliverable reports on the first interoperability event (aka plugtest) on MQTT organised by the project, as well as on future plans of organising interoperability events
D5.1 Communication strategy and project Website The purpose of the present communication strategy is to provide a formal framework for using and disseminating results throughout the FESTIVAL project. The document describes how the consortium plans to utilise multiple dissemination/media channels and to employ general as well as specially targeted communication measures. This document also indicates the role and responsibilities of the partners and identifies the audience and the key messages that should be spread.
D5.2 Project initial exploitation and open data management plan The Deliverable 5.2 “Project initial exploitation and open data management plan” reports a first analysis about the exploitation opportunity of FESTIVAL project, introduces some starting concept related to the business model and defines how the open (research) data will be managed during the project. In particular the deliverable contains an initial analysis of the possible exploitation assets and opportunities for the project, a first definition of the entities and process of the Experimentation as a Servi ce ecosystem and a series of related existent initiatives and projects. The last part of the document addresses the open data topic analysing the adoption of the open data approach in the world, the business market and the process that will be followed in FESTIVAL to manage open research data. Considering the early stage of the project, the main topics introduced in this deliverable will be updated during the whole project duration and reported in the next WP5 deliverables.
D5.4 Experimentation as a Service business model analysis This deliverable provides updates on the activities related to the identification of a sustainable business model for FESTIVAL federation. It analyses existing business models applied at “testbed” level, examining the testbeds part of FESTIVAL, and at “federation” level, looking at the existing experiences of other federation of testbeds. The deliverable also examines the potential target market for FESTIVAL Federation and provides a portrait of its customers/users part of the process of building a suitable value proposition. The information provided in this document will be updated in the following version of the deliverable: D5.6 Project exploitation plan and business models.