FESTIVAL: Towards an intercontinental federation approach


José Galache (Universidad de Cantabria), Juan Santana (Universidad de Cantabria), Toyokazu Akiyama (Kyoto Sangyo University), Levent Gurgen (Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives), Morito Matsuoka (Osaka University), Martino Maggio (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA), Shuuichirou Murata (Acutus Software Inc.)

Conference :

Published, Monami – mobile, networks and management 2015


In the last years, in both Europe and Japan, several initiatives have been started with the aim of building and testing Internet of Things and Smart ICT architectures and platforms to address specific domain issues through designed solutions. FESTIVAL EU-Japan collaborative project aims at federating these testbeds, making them interoperable, allowing centralized data collection and analyzing societal issues in both cultures, all of it under a user privacy-preserving context. In this sense, FESTIVAL pursues a twofold approach: firstly, the intercontinental federation of testbeds in Japan and Europe using existing tools as well as developing new ones; and secondly, the creation of new services and experiments, to be performed on top of the FESTIVAL testbeds and experimentation facilities, associated to three different smart city domains: smart energy, smart building and smart shopping. Throughout this article the current status of the project (in its first year) is shown, describing the Experimentation as a Service federation approach to be implemented, with a first analysis of the platforms and testbeds that are included within the project. Furthermore, the paper also describes the services and use cases that will be conducted within FESTIVAL lifespan. Finally, next steps to be carried out in the coming years of the project are indicated.