Welcome to FESTIVAL Call for Experimenters!

FESTIVAL project brings together European and Japanese testbeds that allow access to various resources such as open data, IoT, IT and living lab resources.

This Call for Experimenters’ objective is to allow experimenters taking benefit of this rich set of European and Japanese resources via a unique tool accessing this heterogeneous set of resources in a uniform and federated way. The experimenters will be able to use, compose and extend those resources for validating their research in close to real-life conditions in a multi-device, multi-protocol and multi-cultural environment. Experimenters are provided with REST APIs aiming to establish Experimentation as a Service (EaaS) model. To enable experimenters to use these APIs in an intuitive and user friendly way, Festival Platform provides Experimentation Portal, a web portal based on EaaS APIs, and documentations for the design and execution of experiments.

Key Info

You are interested in testing your solutions and be part of the experiment? Here are the 4 steps to follow to make it a success:

STEP 1 : Register as experimenter – “Join us”

  • Consult the documentation on testbeds and platforms, APIs, privacy requirements, available on this section of FESTIVAL website.
  • Click “Join us” button below, fill the webform with basic info on you and your idea for an experiment. Your experimentation plan will be assessed by FESTIVAL Committee based on the eligibility criteria described in the call’s document.

STEP 2 : Access FESTIVAL Experimentation Portal and explore its sections

  • Once you filled the “Join us” webform, limited access to FESTIVAL Experimentation Portal is automatically granted (URL notified by e-mail)
  • Discover the platform and test some functionalities

STEP 3 : Access FESTIVAL resources and plan your experiment

  • If your experimentation plan is validated, you are then notified your ‘expert’ status and granted full access to the platform and authorized to book resources.
  • Select FESTIVAL’s resources and start your experiment

STEP 4 : Test, try, retry and give us your feedback

  • Run your experiment, gather information, modify conditions if necessary
  • Answer to our questions on your thoughts on your experience.

You have a question? You need technical assistance? Consult our factsheets, check the FAQ or contact our helpdesk.

You are ready to get started? Then:

Join us!